Run by qualified Behavioural Trainer

Why is Puppy School so important?

Living with a young puppy can be so much fun, but, it can also be challenging at times. It is important to start introducing positive experiences and age appropriate training as soon as you bring your new pup home.

It takes time and patience to help your new pup grow into a well-adjusted adult dog – Healthy Pet Behaviour Services can help you with that! Our qualified Dog Behavioural Trainer teaches you and your puppy some important life skills using gentle, force-free methods that help to build trust and a strong bond.

What is puppy socialisation?

Socialisation is not just about puppies playing with each other – it is so much more! 

The first 3 to 12-16 weeks of a puppy’s life is called the “sensitive socialisation period”, which is the equivalent of early childhood in humans. During these first few weeks, puppies form a view of how the world works.

This is the time they are able to learn from positive experiences that have long-lasting effects on how they perceive people, the environment and other animals. The first 3-4 months are the most important developmental stage in your puppy’s life and it only lasts for a few weeks.

What is covered in our Puppy School lessons?

During the 5 week course we address the following issues:

  • Toilet training
  • Puppy mouthing
  • Jumping
  • Proper socialisation before being fully vaccinated
  • Getting puppies used to grooming and vet checks
  • How to teach puppies “polite manners” with kind, gentle, modern training methods
  • Understanding my puppy and learning to read dog body language
  • Kids and dogs – how to safely interact with each other?
  • Basic cues: come, sit, down, walking on a loose leash, relax on a mat and some cute tricks to show off!

Trainer, venue, bookings
Puppy School is run by a Certificate IV Delta qualified and Fear Free certified Dog Behavioural Trainer at our purpose designed coaching and training centre (10/1 Patricks Road, Arana Hills QLD 4054). 

Bea is an experienced trainer with a great focus on early socialisation and gentle handling so pups grow into well-adjusted adults.

  • safe and quiet environment, easy parking
  • for puppies between 8-16 weeks of age - yes, they can start at 8 weeks old! 
  • Cert IV qualified Dog Behavioural Trainer, only science based force-free training methods used
  • 5 lessons once a week focusing on basic cues (giving up items, lie down, settling on a mat, coming when called, walking on a loose leash, leaving items)
  • weekdays 6-7 pm
  • max. 4 puppies per class for optimal learning and individual attention
  • max. 2 people per puppy can attend group classes due to venue limitations
  • cost of the 5-week course including handouts and graduation certificate: $220

Private Puppy School

Does your schedule does not allow to attend evening lessons? Do you want your kids to participate in lessons too?

We offer one-on-one puppy school lessons at our Arana Hills behaviour practice!

What is included?

  • same curriculum as 5-week course
  • faster learning due to less distractions
  • focus on socialisation, handling, basic cues, dog body language
  • 3 x 1hr private lessons
  • convenient lesson times to suit your schedule
  • kids and family members are welcome to attend
  • same price as our group classes ($220)   

How to enrol in Puppy School?

Classes are filled on a first come best dressed basis so please fill in the application form below or call us on (07) 3569 6830 to book your puppy’s spot.

Tyson & Tina Watkins
2 reviews
★★★★★  2 years ago

Friendly, fast and very well priced. Tony is a top bloke and I am happy to have supported this small local business.

Craig Scrase
1 review
★★★★★  6 months ago

Tony is knowledgeable, practical and well prepared. Generous with advice. Great service and price.